Street Optics

"The city of happiness is limited in the state of mine" -Ken Neely

Behind the Lens

As I walk the streets, I am always observing.  Old newspapers floating in the wind, loose gloves scattered across the street, people who always seem to be in a rush.  I stop and notice the un-usual, the un-noticed.  What I see is through a different lens than most.

This ongoing project will embody the reality behind the tattered clothes,  behind the stereotypes and the bad judgements.  I plan on capturing the lives of those who go unnoticed on a daily basis.  To me, giving people the time of day and the opportunity to be he heard is worth more than any amount of money.  People are often ignored and forgotten about.  To me, this is what attracts my attention, the lost soul, the forgotten face.  I am curios to know their story, and how they got to where they are at this point in their lives.  It breaks my heart to see people on the streets who truly care for themselves but they lack the resources to get back on their feet. They often struggle to make ends meet, but they do the best that they can.  Along my journey, I have payed very close attention to the struggles these people have endured.  The photographs I have taken really capture this sense of struggle and despair.  I really hope this project gives the viewers insight and helps them reform their opinions and stereotypes towards those struggling to get by


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